Can I Consolidate All My Assets Under One Roof?

Imagine this: you invest in equity, options, derivatives, private equity, and global ETFs. No record, no consolidation of assets, and you have to go to 5 different apps to keep track of your finances. Chaos?


Now imagine that you make all these investments, and you’re able to see it all under one roof. One app, one company, and many investments – all in perfect harmony. No stress, and definitely no chaos of finances.


Managing one’s finances is daunting enough, but adding the complexity of planning across multiple institutions can make it seem not worth the effort. You get a much more comprehensive wealth plan, when all investments are under one roof.


At iVentures, our CFA team can help you consolidate all your assets, provide a prudent view of your finances, and make it easier to track your asset mix, tax implications, and over-all financial well-being.


The iVentures app offers a great UX experience with an easy-to-understand interface, regular technical-management to help you achieve a seamless financial management experience, and a bug-free, lag-free, smooth app interaction.


Ask Yourself

Have I listed all my assets and investments?

If anything happens to me, how can my family access my investments?

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