Have I Secured My Life Beyond Work?

Do you work an exciting 9 to 5 or at your leisure?

Do you feel at ease when you think of life after retirement?

Do you have your life’s finances sorted beyond and after work?

More often than not, we tend to overestimate our savings and end up in a tough spot in life after retirement – mentally bored, financially exhausted, and physically inactive.

A lot of this has to do with how we transition from being highly engaged and super-active on all fronts, to retired and not knowing what to do next.

  • One could say that he/she’d like to travel. You need financial independence for that.
  • You could want to spend time with your family. You need financial freedom for that as well.
  • You might want to spend time on your health. Your stress due to lack of financial security throughout your working life might prevent you from doing that too.


Result? All of it comes down to securing your life beyond work. And that doesn’t start once you stop working — this process begins when you start thinking about retirement.

Passive income is a largely underestimated asset. Don’t wait to invest in your life and your peace of mind. Secure your life’s work with right financial decisions that can 10x your net worth.

Highly driven individuals don‘t work one day and retire the next. It‘s more of a “glide path” as they go from highly engaged to rarely engaged. Planning this very personal transition is where our wealth management team can help you get the balance right. Start your retirement financial planning now so you’re one notch above.


Ask Yourself

What is my expected retirement age?

Am I disciplined in saving for my retirement corpus?

Do I have a diversified portfolio?

Have I figured out how may I go to support my lifestyle and not outlive my money?

Looking back on my life, what are the problems I could have easily resolved or avoided based on my financial decisions?

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