How Should I Plan My Will And Legacy?

Do you know what will happen in the next moment, or in three years, or four?

Nobody knows where life will take them, as the one constant we know of is that life is full of uncertainties.

Now imagine a scenario where you are not around anymore. 


  • Would you want your family to face any hardships due to lack of financial security?
  • Would you want your family to lose out on the money you have invested but haven’t told them about?
  • Would you want them to be unable to get into any of your financial management apps or services because they don’t know the credentials?
  • Would you want them to struggle to get ownership of the investments and assets that you have built over the years for them?


Nobody wants any of these scenarios to come true in their worst nightmares, let alone in reality. But we never think or plan ahead to prevent something like this from occurring either! 

Now more than ever, it’s essential to understand the importance of will and legacy planning. It is unthinkable to send one’s loved ones spiraling into the lurch of financial uncertainty while also dealing with the loss of a dear one.

Will is not just a document, and legacy is not just a word. These are two things that could make or break your family’s futures in your absence. 

As a financial coach, we have seen many situations firsthand where the lack of a proper will and legacy planning have resulted in unimaginable chaos after a dear one’s untimely departure. We understand how very essential it is to secure your family’s future while you’re healthy.

At iVentures, we strongly recommend to devise a Will and ensure a smooth transfer of your investments and assets.

Ask Yourself

Do I have a registered Will in place?

Do I have any outstanding loan?

Who’s my nominee?

Have I listed all my assets and investments?

Have I purchased any life insurance policy?

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