I Do Not Have Any Definite Financial Goals. How Do I Start My Investment Journey?

You want to start investing. But you don’t know where to begin, or how, or if you even should.

Now suppose you meet Amit, who’s 28 and works for an IT company. His in-hand salary is about 1 lakh. He wants to start investing for the long term but he, like you, has some hesitations. He is confused about whether his age and current financial position in life are the right time to start investing.

He comes to you for advice. What would you tell him?

You could tell him that no, it isn’t the time to invest in markets— instead he should save first, maybe buy a house, get settled down, and then begin his journey. 

OR, you could tell him that it’s good to invest now when he’s still young and can afford to take some calculated risks with his in-hand salary.

Both answers are right, and both are wrong.

At iVentures, we believe that there is no good or bad time to start investing.

What matters is that you choose the right investment avenue and invest systematically.

It is essential to formulate a good financial plan and stick to it to achieve your financial goals.

Your personal financial journey depends on your investing personality, risk-taking ability, funds, personal preferences, long-term or short-term goals, and a number of other factors.

At iVentures, we help you find your investment path per your specific requirements, and we create a financial growth plan which is best suited to your personality and investor-style.

We help you stick to your financial goals and explore exciting new avenues like Global ETFs, discuss the importance of Diversified Asset Allocation, and begin your investment journey steadily towards your financial well-being.

Ask Yourself

Do I have a registered Will in place?

Do I have any outstanding loan?

Who’s my nominee?

Have I listed all my assets and investments?

Have I purchased any life insurance policy?

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