iVentures Capital planning ideology

At iVentures Capital, we help you manage your wealth to preserve its value for generations. Our focus is to deliver positive real return at the most optimized level of risk. We plan for all the 3 W’s of wealth – Wealth Creation, Wealth Preservation and Wealth Transfer.

iVentures Capital financial planning process:

Understanding you

By getting to know you we understand your needs, dreams, goals, fears and expectation – the foundation of a lasting relationship.

  1. Risk Profiling
  2. Calculating Required Rate of Return
  3. Defining Investment Policy Statement

Planning your journey

We help you chart your financial future.

  1. Proposals
  2. Projections

      Achieving your goals

Static financial plans are obsolete from the moment they’re created. So we developed a different kind of financial planning. We specialize in developing dynamic financial plans that are based on the life you want to lead — and continually adapt as the world and your needs change.

  1. Documentation
  2. Execution
  3. Review

Like skilled craftsmen, we constantly fine-tune our thoroughly tested methods in order to create better portfolios and to ensure that we continue to perform at our best.

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