Did You Know 8 out of 10 Active Funds Fail to Beat The Benchmark?

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Have you measured the opportunity cost of not reviewing your portfolio?

Category Performance Scheme 10 Years Value of inr 10 lakh
invested 10 years ago
Opportunity cost (inr)
Large Cap Best Quant Focused Fund 20.64% 65,30,002 34,40,752
Worst Taurus Large Cap Reg 11.94% 30,89,250
Benchmark S&P BSE 100 TR Index 14.46% 38,59,557
Mid Cap Best Kotak Emerging Equities Fund 24.34% 88,33,008 30,37,028
Worst ABSL Mid Cap Fund 19.21% 57,95,980
Benchmark S&P BSE 150 MidCap TR Index 21.75% 71,56,319
Small Cap Best Nippon India Small Cap Fund 29.24% 1,30,00,783 72,24,221
Worst Quant Small Cap Fund 19.17% 57,76,561
Benchmark S&P BSE 250 Small TR Index 18.63% 55,20,079

Imagine this: The right fund choice could have turned your INR 10 lakh into a staggering INR 1.30 cr instead of INR 57 lakhs. That’s a potential miss of INR 72 lakhs!
That’s not pocket change; that’s a new car, a world tour, or your child’s education fund.

Don’t let your hard-earned money fade into the ‘could have been’.

Is your portfolio Over or Under Diversified?

Imagine having several puzzles mixed up in one box – that’s stock overlapping in your portfolio!

Not just collect stocks, but curate a robust portfolio.
Strike the right balance. Find the sweet spot for your portfolio.

Hidden risk is like a ticking time bomb in your portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we take the confidentiality of your portfolio seriously. Our team adheres to strict privacy standards to ensure your financial information remains secure and confidential.

To conduct a comprehensive portfolio review, we typically require information such as your portfolio holdings and any specific investment goals or preferences you may have. Our team will guide you on the specific details needed to initiate the review process.

Our comprehensive portfolio review includes an analysis of Sectoral Exposure, Market Cap Exposure, a Risk-Reward Scatterplot assessment, Performance relative to Benchmark, examination of Stock Overlap, and a personalized Action Plan for optimization.

The portfolio review service is complimentary for our valued members. As part of our commitment to providing added value, we offer this service as a benefit to enhance your overall wealth management experience.

The frequency of portfolio reviews depends on individual circumstances, market conditions, and financial goals. We recommend periodic reviews, typically annually or in response to significant market shifts, to ensure your portfolio remains aligned with your objectives.

Absolutely. Our portfolio review is tailored to your specific needs. If you have particular areas of interest, such as tax implications or sustainable investments, we can incorporate these aspects into the analysis to provide a more customized review.