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We are a 15-year-old SEBI registered private wealth management firm, established in 2005. We have been responsibly designing life & legacy for 2200+ affluent investors, family offices and managing over 500 Cr. worth of assets.

Our credentialed CFA analysts hold an impeccable track record in developing a constructive net worth. We believe in empowering financial education in community i.e., help them focus on better things in life by securing financial independence in the early stages. To accomplish this, our strategic investment advisory services have helped Promoters, senior leadership executives build financial stability in the long run.

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How We Do This


We design your financial wellness plan to stay ahead of curve. 


Our Dedicated CFA Research Analysts effectively curate portfolios and focus on your financial happiness.


We deliver scalable Asset Allocation strategies into Mutual funds, ETFs, PMS, AIFs, Bonds, Global investing, that provides the depth & originality of investment thinking.


We adapt Robust valuation driven investment process to optimize your returns.  

We Do Make A Difference.

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Get Your Portfolio Reviewed by Award-Winning Financial Experts

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Years of Experience

DIY Financial Health Check-Up Tool

Stay on top of your financial Well-being. Our powerful research tools can assess your emotional biases.

Plan Your Goals

We take pride in navigating your finances

Learning to invest is an essential part of any comprehensive financial plan. Without it, you will eventually hit a plateau in your financial well-being. Here are a few challenges that seasoned & first-time investors struggle with.

-   Sustainable diversity
-   Strategic Asset Allocation
-   Capturing opportunities
-   Managing Loss Aversion
-   Prudent operational Excellence

When we think of relationships, we often think of our healthy interactions with people. However, how often do we consider having a good relationship with money? We at iVentures help you manage your relationship with money in myriad ways.

-   Focus on compounding your financial Returns.
-   On-demand Research Experts
-   Strategic Asset Allocation into PMS, AIFs, Bonds, Global ETFs & more. Exposure into emerging themes
-   Consolidate your family assets in one app
-   Consolidate your family assets in one app

A Team Like None Other

iVentures leadership is dedicated to building a meaningful relationship. Our board of directors hold the belief that financial empowerment should transform into financial well-being of all.


Nirmal Bansal

Founder & Director

Ekta Phull

Communication and Strategy Head

Krishna Makhariya

Sr.Research- Private wealth

Meera Kaura Patel

Member of the Board - Legal & Compliance

Tejas Patel

Member of the Board - Legal & Compliance

Smart Financial Choices

  • Get a Passive Income
  • Diversify in Global ETFs, AIFs
  • Build a Conservative Portfolio
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Compound with Stock SIP
  • Learn about Alternative Funds

Get Your Portfolio Reviewed by Award-Winning Financial Experts

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